DECODE Group Launches “Clean Home” Rural Charity Initiative

From June 15 to 18, DECODE Group conducted a rural charity initiative in Guangxi, themed “Clean Home,” providing cleaning supplies to local villagers. This initiative aimed to raise public health awareness among empty-nesters, improve the health and quality of life of the villagers, and inject new momentum into rural revitalization. The activity encompassed Ima Village in Chenggang Township, Xingbin District, Laibin City, and Shangjiang Village in Watang Township, Gangnan District, Guigang City, benefiting over 600 households of empty-nesting elderly families who received warmth and care from the community.

DECODE Group Actively Embraces Social Responsibility, Benefiting Over 600 Elderly Households

Mr. Ivan Lew, Chief Executive Officer of DECODE Group, stated that the company remains committed to public welfare and will continue to actively promote such initiatives, contributing to the creation of a better environment and enhancing the quality of life. He called on all sectors of society to pay attention to health and hygiene issues in remote rural areas and to work together to improve living conditions and promote comprehensive rural development.

During the event, DECODE Group volunteers engaged in in-depth conversations with local residents to understand the challenges and needs they face in their daily lives. The volunteers also actively disseminated public health knowledge and demonstrated the correct use of donated cleaning supplies on-site, helping the elderly to improve their hygiene awareness.


DECODE Group, with its Asian headquarters located in Singapore, is a top-tier global financial services company. The Group holds financial services licenses in numerous countries, including Australia, and boasts up to 20 years of experience in foreign exchange, fund management, digital currency, and commodity trading. As a leader in diversified financial services, DECODE Group not only strives for success in the commercial arena but also places a strong emphasis on fulfilling its social responsibilities. Over the years, DECODE Group has actively participated in various public welfare activities worldwide, giving back to society through tangible actions and demonstrating the enterprise’s positive and proactive spirit.


The “Clean Home” rural charity donation initiative is a vivid testament to DECODE Group’s commitment to social responsibility. Through these philanthropic activities, DECODE Group has not only provided warmth and care to empty-nest elderly individuals in remote areas but also infused new vitality and hope into rural revitalization.

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