2024 Fuzhou Trading Technology Summit Concludes Successfully – Exclusively Sponsored by DECODE Group

Fuzhou, 15th June – In the context of the rapidly evolving global financial landscape, the “2024 Fuzhou Trading Technology Summit,” exclusively sponsored by DECODE Group and hosted by Forex Alliance, was inaugurated in Fuzhou. The summit drew industry experts and hundreds of trading enthusiasts from around the world to discuss the latest trends in financial trading.

Diversified Trading Ecology

With the diversified development of trading products such as foreign exchange, stocks, funds, and indices, the trading ecosystem is becoming increasingly rich. To assist traders in mastering advanced trading techniques, DECODE Group and its partners actively engage in market promotion and advocate for financial innovation.

At the summit, DECODE Group’s distinguished guest lecturer IAN, Mr. Hao Ran from ORION Trading Academy, Jack Zhang, the President of Jack’s Trading Academy, and Mr. Zhou, the Founder and Chairman of TaiHui Quantitative, along with other industry experts, engaged in an in-depth discussion on the latest trading trends and technologies. This event provided a significant platform for the sharing of technological advancements and resources within the financial sector.

User-Friendly Trading Platform

DECODE Global proudly unveiled its innovative one-stop trading platform, decodeex.com, at the summit. This platform has attracted numerous trading enthusiasts with its user-friendly design and zero trading commissions. It employs a dual regulatory system to ensure the safety of funds and supports the subscription to the ORION trading strategy, which boasts a winning rate of up to 80%. Furthermore, the platform’s trade-following feature allows traders with less developed skills or limited time to easily replicate the trades of the world’s top traders, thereby enjoying profits and receiving rebates simultaneously.

Intelligent Trading Strategies

The ORION trading strategy, presented by the ORION Trading Academy, is renowned for its “sell at resistance, buy at support” approach, making it suitable for traders of all experience levels. This strategy is highly esteemed for its 80% accuracy in identifying trading points, prompting optimal buy and sell timing, and enforcing strict stop-loss and take-profit levels. It is available for subscription directly on the DECODE Global platform.

Asset-Light Investment and Entrepreneurship

In response to the challenging entrepreneurial environment, DECODE Group and ORION Trading Academy have launched the ORION Studio Project. Characterized by “asset-light investment and low-risk entrepreneurship,” this initiative enables entrepreneurs to achieve the goal of earning millions of dollars annually with zero-cost investment. Entrepreneurs can not only profit from trading strategies but also increase their income by taking orders and training students.

Technology Sharing

Jack Zhang, President of Jack’s Trading Academy, delivered a technical presentation titled “Let the World Have No Difficult Trades,” discussing in depth the application of the “pregnant line” in various markets. His insights aimed to help traders better assess trends and understand market movements.

Mr. Zhou, the Founder and Chairman of Taihui Quantitative, shared the core technologies and advantages of quantitative trading. He introduced the five major elements affecting quantitative trading and provided traders with advanced mathematical models and technical support.


The “2024 Fuzhou Trading Technology Summit” has successfully concluded, marking DECODE Group as a rising star in the investment market with its robust capabilities, user-friendly platform, and intelligent trading strategies. The summit was not only a celebration of financial technology but also an event promoting investment and entrepreneurship, thereby advancing the development of financial technology.

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