Why Decode Economy?

To be adaptive to the rapid market changes, and to cater the increasing needs in Cryptocurrency investment, Decode Global is transforming the entire business into the Decode Economy, a financial ecosystem across, People, Product, Finance and Technology.

DECODE is the cryptocurrency of the entire Decode Economy. All trading transactions, commissions, services fees, referral fees, transfers, financial programs, as well as the services from Decode integrated partners, will have the option of using DECODE for payment or taking profit option. T leran more about DECODE Economy, please visit

Group 1095


Decode 50K customers, 500+ Traders, Fund managers, Agencies,  multi-layer Introduce Brokers (IBs), the management team, sales and     marketing team, BAU team, and all other employees.



Margin Foreign Exchange, Stock Exchange, Fund Management, Cryptocurrency Exchange, NFT Exchange, Market Maker, various Financial Derivatives, as well as the offering from our integrated Partners


Group 1099


Decode Economy will include our more than 500 financial experts and our big data capabilities to analysis and then provide trading and investment strategies, opportunities and plans, as well as copy-trade and investment portfolios



The investment in the technology helps Decode Economy being more effective, more intelligent, more secure, more user-friendly, etc to serve our customers, and keeping Decode Global in a leading position in the future competitions.


The Cryptocurrency for Decode Economy

  • StandardBEP-20
  • NameDecode Global
  • SymbolDECODE
  • Total supply100,000,000,000
  • Decimal18
  • ChainBinance Smart Chain(BSC)BEP-20
  • Initial walletMulti-Sig Wallet
  • Contract address 0x50bAFBA28852d2816EB62DA5c3137dC9b05858e8

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Get the latest updates on news,
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